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Photo: Peter Day
Picture of scrolls on shelves
One of the team of scribes who worked on the scrolls after their arrival at Kent House
Photo: Memorial Scrolls Trust

Scrolls in the museum: Peter Day

The Torah

The Torah is the first part of the Hebrew Scriptures. It contains the five Books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. It is hand-written on parchment by Soferim (expert scribes).

For Jews, this is the basic revelation of God, given to Moses at Mount Sinai and studied and interpreted throughout all of Jewish history. It teaches Judaism as ethical monotheism, the belief in the one, unique God. The Torah and the Bible are the texts which tell the history of human life from the first moment of divine creation, and speak to all people. The rabbis wrote commentaries reinterpreting Jewish laws and customs as the world and the Jewish community evolved. Yet the Torah remains the sacred text of Jewish life. As the Sabbath prayer says: “The Torah, given by God to Moses, is the property of the children of Israel.” In dark times Jews would risk their lives to rescue it from peril.


Photo: Memorial Scrolls Trust

Photo: Shelley Laddie