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Photo by Peter Day

Picture of scrolls on shelves
A number label relating to the Packing List that accompanied the Scrolls, with the new index card created in London

Photo by Peter Day

Where they Came From

All remaining Jewish communities in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia sent their archives, artefacts and Torah Scrolls to the Central Jewish Museum in Prague. Nothing was received from communities in the border areas of the pre-war Czechoslovakia.

216 of the Scrolls that came to Westminster Synagogue cannot be traced to any particular community, either because the number label for that Scroll became detached or because the information available is insufficient to relate them to a particular place.

When the Scrolls were received at Westminster Synagogue most had a number label attached. These numbers referred to the German Card Index that had been prepared by the Jewish curators at Prague’s Central Jewish Museum.

By relating the number label to the information
derived from the German Card Index, it can be
established from which Czech collection point
each Scroll had been received; some Scrolls
also had the Czech number painted on the rollers.

German Index page with details of 101,000 items
that were catalogued

Photo: Archive of the Jewish Museum in Prague