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Photo: Archive of the Jewish Museum in Prague
Picture of scrolls on shelves

The Work Continues

The Trust has established a second life for the 1,564 Torah Scrolls, rescued from Bohemia and Moravia, since their arrival at Kent House in 1964.

The first 40 years of the Trust were spent in distributing these precious relics on long-term loan to the care of Synagogues throughout the world. As time passes, fewer Holocaust survivors remain and these Scrolls are an intimate and perhaps even sole link with the communities eliminated by the Nazis.

Now the work continues; tracking and ensuring the proper care and use of the rescued Scrolls. The ‘foster’ congregations are responsible for keeping alive the memory of these communities.

The Trust oversees the ongoing care of the Scrolls and the constant updating of the Museum. The Museum’s purpose is to provide accurate information and education and offer tours to schools and other organisations as well as individuals. To this end, it reaches beyond the Jewish community.

The purpose of this Website is as a resource for the Scrolls communities, to inform and inspire them in ways to honour ‘their’ Scroll and to act as a focal point for the sharing of ideas with other Scroll congregations.

The Trust hopes that its collection of Scrolls and binders which span several centuries will also be seen as an educational resource at all levels, for Jews and non-Jews, for academics and schoolchildren as well as the general public.

Susan Boyer is the Director of the American branch of the Trust and the link to the associated USA website is: http://www.czechtorah.org